​Heritage Club Endowment Fund

Individuals and couples who make a commitment to the Endowment Fund ensure the future of the YMCA of York County. These special people are honored as Heritage Club members. Valuable life-changing programs and services will be continued for future generations thanks to their vision and commitment. These gifts build long-range financial stability for the YMCA.
Donors who make gifts to the YMCA’s Endowment Foundation qualify for the Heritage Club. The Heritage Club recognizes those donors who make outright gifts or planned gifts of all sizes (trusts, will bequests, insurance, etc.) to the Endowment Fund. Their gifts may be made to the YMCA of York County or one of specifically for one of our branches or programs.
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Each year, members of the Heritage Club gather to welcome new members, share fellowship, and reflect on successes made possible by endowment contributions. Members are also invited to other YMCA of York County events and special programs throughout the year.
Download the Heritage Club Brochure for details. For more additional information or a complimentary, confidential illustration on how you might make a gift of a lifetime, contact Melissa Gross, Director of Development & Communications at mgross@yorkcoymca.org  or 717.812.0119 x308.
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