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Sparkle Aquatics

This class is an aquatic class designed for the special needs child. Our low, student/instructor ratios are designed for the child who requires special needs. The water provides each child the opportunity to fully express themselves in a fun, relaxed environment.


The primary objective is to get both the parent and child comfortable in the water. Classes are designed to allow the child to have fun in the water while the parent guides him or her to learn aquatic skills.
Parent/child program designed to be an introduction to the water. Emphasis is placed on water acclimation, safety and proper habit formation.


This level helps children develop safe pool behavior; adjust to the water, and develop independent movement in the water. It is designed for new swimmers, teaching basic paddle stroke and kicking skills, pool safety, and comfort with holding the face in the water while blowing bubbles and swimming.
This advanced beginner level reinforces Pike skills. It is for children who are comfortable in the water. They are taught to kick, dive, float and perform the progressive paddle stroke.
Preschool I
For beginners that have not taken lessons previously. Starts with flotation aid emphasizing kicks. Work to swim any style without float.
At this level children review previous skills, improve stroke skills, learn personal safety, and rescue skills, build endurance by swimming on their front and back, and learn to tread water and perform progressive diving skills.
Children at this level review previously learned skills and refine their strokes as well as their personal safety, rescues, and floating skills. They also learn underwater swimming skills.
Preschool II
For the child who has successfully completed Preschool I. Children work on stroke and kick adding rotary breathing, treading & survival floating.



This is the beginning level for school-age children. It gets children acquainted with the pool, the use of flotation devices and floating. By the end of this level children should know the front paddle stroke and the side and back paddle.
The children continue to practice and build upon basic skills, now performing more skills without the aid of a flotation device. They are introduced to lead-up strokes to the front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.
This initial intermediate level, children further refine the lead-up strokes they have learned as their skills become more like those normally used in swimming.
At this point, students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl stroke, and sidestroke with turns. They are introduced to the butterfly stroke.
Flying Fish
At this advanced level, students work on refining their strokes and increasing their endurance.
Teen Learn to Swim
This class is for teens (12-17) who have not had swimming lessons before or who are not comfortable in the water. Basic swimming skills and water safety skills are taught.


Private Swim Lessons
These one-on-one lessons offer individuals of any age the chance to learn to improve swimming skills in a private, respectful and safe atmosphere.
Semi-Private Swim Lessons
These small group lessons offer individuals of any age the chance to learn to improve swimming skills in a private, respectful and safe atmosphere.

For more information on Southern Branch swim lessons contact the Southern Branch Aquatics Director or call 717-235-0446.

For information on York Branch swim lessons contact the York Branch Aquatics Director or call 717-843-7884.

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