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Our members and friends call us THEIR Y. We call them OUR greatest resource-the thousands of people who work alongside us and support our work to help our neighbors learn, grow and thrive.

What if we could harness all of that power to make an even greater difference on a bigger scale?

With programs from A to Z-like athletics to advocacy, dance classes to disease prevention, volleyball to volunteerism-we don’t just strengthen individuals, we strengthen our community.

Yet there is so much more to do.

York faces new challenges that create a greater need for the work we do. Fortunately, where some see obstacles, we see opportunities for our members, volunteers, staff, and generous donors like you to make a difference. No other organization can impact as many people as powerfully as we do every day.


From the outskirts of York County to York City, from youth to seniors, from volleyball to volunteerism, we are not only building bodies; we are building character and community.

Legotte - NWC.jpgSharee Legotte is grateful for the positive influence the YMCA of York has been in her daughters’ lives. Her oldest daughter, Sam is a participant in Y Achievers, a college prep program for city youth. Sharee says, “Because of the Y Achievers program, my daughter Sam has resources that I could not give her. I do not have time to take her on tours or assist her with college applications. The program has broadened her horizons as far as college choices are concerned. I am glad she enrolled in the Y Achievers Program.”

And over the summer, her daughters participate in the Y Readers program, which helps youth retain material learned throughout the school year by engaging in reading and math activities. Once the work is completed, participants are rewarded with fun time in the pool at the Graham Aquatic Center. “I appreciate the Y Readers program because it is affordable for a single mother of two. It’s a quality program. My daughters enjoy it each year and I know that they are safe at the YMCA.” Pike - NWC.jpg

For Charles Pike, the YMCA has helped to improve his quality of life. Charles joined the Dover Y a year ago through Membership for All and has made great strides in his overall wellbeing by participating in Gentle Yoga and Active Older Adult classes and by utilizing the Fitness Center. You see, Charles has COPD which makes breathing difficult for him and requires him to carry around a 10 pound oxygen tank. Through regular exercise, he has lost 10 pounds and has been able to reduce his oxygen use from 4.5 liters while active to only 1 liter!

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT - All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve, under the guidance of adults who care about them and believe in their potential. We see every interaction with young people as an opportunity for learning and development.

HEALTHY LIVING - Health and wellbeing are all about balance. That’s why we help people and families build and maintain healthy habits for spirit, mind and body in their everyday lives. By helping kids, adults, families and seniors from all backgrounds improve their health and wellbeing, we build a stronger community. 

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - With our doors open to all, we work every day to connect people from all backgrounds and support those who need us most. We take on the most urgent needs in our community and inspire a spirit of service in return. Our members, volunteers, supporters, and staff demonstrate the power of what we can achieve by giving back together.


We have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure a brighter future for York County, but we must take action today, and only your support will make it possible.

When you give to the YMCA of York and York County, your gift will help young people achieve their potential, empower people of all ages to lead healthier lives, and strengthen the bonds of community in York, Pennsylvania.

Together, we’ll take on many of the greatest challenges facing our young people, our health and our community.

Now, when you think of your YMCA you’ll know it’s more than just a gym…it’s a cause. A cause, that, with your generous support, will continue to strengthen the community in which you live. GIVE. Now, when you think of your YMCA you’ll know it’s more than just a gym…it’s a cause. A cause, that, with your generous support, will continue to strengthen the community in which you live. GIVE. FOR A BETTER US.

Every gift makes a difference.
Everyone has a role to play.

The Y.™ For a better us.


To find out how you can support our cause, contact us at 717-812-0119 or click the "DONATE NOW" button at the top of this page to pledge your support of your local YMCA.


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