Daddy Daughter Dance

All ages

Join us for a night of fun at the York Branch YMCA to celebrate a good time with Daddies and Daughters (Grandpas and Uncles are welcome too!) The night includes dancing to music provided by a DJ, refreshments, and quality bonding with friends and family.

March 28, 2020




Dodgeball (Bob Hoffman Branch)

Youth Dodgeball League

Join us for non–stop games using rubber coated foam balls.  Teams formed on the first day from individual registrations with co-ed league games and playoffs held on Saturdays.

February 1 – March 28

Saturday (ages 8-10)

1:15 pm – 2:30 pm

Member fee:                            $35.00
Non Member Fee:                     $70.00



Dodgeball (York Branch)

Saturdays, Begins in Mid-October each year.  Join us for non-stop games using rubber coated foam balls. Teams formed on the first day from individual registrations with playoffs held on the last day.  $35/YMCA Members      $70/Non-Members


Fencing – Beginner

Youth and Adult Sports

This class is based upon the fundamentals and beginning steps of fencing. Come learn to fence and have a great time. Offered at the Southern and York branches.


Homeschool Gym

Ages 6-18

The YMCA is offering an opportunity for home school students to participate in a gym class to earn physical education credits. The gym class will focus on different sports, games and other physical activities led by a qualified instructor. Some of the choices offered are basketball, soccer, gaga ball and dodgeball. The students ages 11+ will have the opportunity to use the fitness center during the class under direct supervision of a YMCA personal trainer. Register monthly during the school year.

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Homeschool Swim

Ages 6-18

The Southern Branch is offering an opportunity for homeschool students to participate in swim lessons during the school year to earn physical education credits and have fun learning the skill of swimming! This program is for homeschool students who have knowledge of freestyle and backstroke, ages 6-18. The instructor is not in the water for these lessons. Register monthly.

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Intro to Martial Arts

Spirit, Mind and Body

Gain a basic understanding of the function of stance, distance, timing, body movement, footwork, angles, kata, partner drills and applications, breathing and posture in this 6 week introductory course.  Offered at the Dover Branch YMCA.



Kids Triathlon

A youth swim, bike, run event for kids ages 7 and older.  Hosted by the York YMCA Aquatic Club, this event encourages youth to try a new sport.  Free swim clinics are included in the registration.  Learn more


T-Ball – Spring Co-Ed League

Ages 4 - 8

t-ball league

For beginners and experienced players.  Participants will learn and enhance their baseball/softball skills including throwing, fielding, hitting and more instruction, practices and games.   Youth who are ready to advance past hitting off the tee will gain “soft-pitch” from the staff and coaches.

April 18 – June 13

Saturday (ages 4-5)          9:00 am*

Saturday (ages 6-8)         10:00 am*

Member fee:                            $33.00
Non Member Fee:                     $66.00

*Saturday game times subject to change after the first day based on number of teams.


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Teen Sports Conditioning

Ages 11 - 19

This 10 week program meets twice weekly and focuses on sport-specific training drills, skills, and agility to increase performance, speed and overall conditioning for youth ages 11 – 19.


Volleyball – Girls Intramural Program

Ages 8 - 15

This program is for girls of all skill levels, ages 8-15. 8-10 year olds will be held at the Bob Hoffman Branch and 11-15 year olds will be held at the York Branch. Programs are offered in early September, mid-November, early February, and early April.

For more details contact:

Bob Hoffman (Dover) Branch –  Matt Cicchillo

York Branch – Doug Markel


Volleyball – York Branch Girls Club

Ages 11 - 18

This program is for girls who want to practice and compete at a high school level. Practices are twice a week from December through May with weekend tournaments twice a month from January through May at locations throughout Pennsylvania. If you want to learn from highly qualified instructors and prepare for our intramural program, club volleyball and/or school volleyball the York Branch YMCA offers a three-day volleyball clinic.  Learn more


YMCA Competitive Swim Team

Competitive swimming ages 5 - 18

The York YMCA’s Competitive Swim Team is open to youth of all levels & abilities. It is the perfect program for those who love to swim but have never competed on a team It is ideally for those who enjoy competitive swimming but enjoy a low pressure, relaxed atmosphere. It is especially beneficial for high school swimmers wishing to stay in shape during the off-season. Swimmers compete in local swim meets that give them friendly competition and teach them sportsmanship and teamwork. Practice is held at two locations, the Graham Aquatic Center, located at 543 N. Newberry Street in York, and the York YMCA Southern Branch, located at 100 Constitution Ave in Shrewsbury.

Time Varies by Location


Youth Basketball

Ages 4-11

For ages 4-11 who wish to learn and expand on the fundamentals of basketball through instruction, practices, and games. Appropriate basket heights for each age group. Begins in early December at the York and Bob Hoffman Branches, and again in early April at the York Branch. Program also begins in November and again in January at the Southern Branch.

For more information, contact:

Bob Hoffman (Dover) Branch – Matt Cicchillo

Southern Branch – Travis Bowman

York YMCA – Doug Markel


Youth Flag Football

(Ages 6-8)


With the concerns of concussions and injuries in full pad football, the York YMCA is offering an instructional & recreational flag football program to provide football skill enhancement through instruction and games. Instruction held the first few Saturdays with pick-up games the remaining Saturdays.

April 18 – June 13. 8:30-9:30 a.m.

$35/YMCA Members                 $70/Non-Members



Youth Lacrosse

Ages 5-9

In this program participants will learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. Participants will learn the sport of lacrosse through fun games and drills. This program is intended for the player with little or no lacrosse experience. This program is offered in the fall and spring seasons.

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Youth Soccer

Ages 4 - 11

Indoor Soccer league

For beginners and experienced players.  Participants will learn and enhance their soccer skills including ball handling, passing, shooting and control in an instructional setting through practices and games, all on Saturday  mornings.  Instructors and volunteer coaches follow US Soccer guidelines.

February 8 – April 4

Saturday (ages 4-5)         9:00 am*

Saturday (ages 6-8)         10:00 am*

Saturday (ages 9-11        11:00 am*

Member fee:                     $40.00
Non Member Fee:                     $70.00

Bob Hoffman (Dover) Branch – Matt Cicchillo